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Monday, January 31, 2011

Xterra Canada

What is Xterra?

Off-road triathlon. Open-water swim, mountain bike, trail run.


Because... pavement is overrated!!!

Off-road riding and running is a whole different set of challenges and skills. The terrain is constantly changing, you're right in the middle of nature (often covered in it!). It's tough physically, mentally, and everything in between (metaphysically?).

Is it in Canada?

What about Ontario?

Why I'm glad you asked - we actually have two multisport Xterra events in Ontario now! The details are on the Element Racing site.

  • Albion Hills Off-Road Duathlon (June 5th): 3km trail run, 18km mountain bike, 6km trail run
  • Xterrra Kelso Off-Road Festival (August 29th): 1000m swim, 18km mountain bike, 8.5km trail run (plus shorter option, plus duathlon)
What about you, Mr. Marshmallow Man to Ironman?

I'm in!

I love triathlons.
I love off-road biking.
I love trail running.

... so I will love Xterra! Everything that I'm interested in, one event. Can't wait.

1 comment:

Boris T said...

That sounds awesome! Too bad both of those weekends are taken. Hope they do more events in the future.