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Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Cycling Community is Full of Nice Folks

I had a flat today.  More accurately, I had two flats today... and only one tube.

While I was pulled over by the side of the road, at least 30 cyclists went by.  At least one from every single group yelled out "everything OK?" or "got everything you need?".  Every one.

Ultimately I learned three things:

  • Don't let your tire get worn down so thin that a minor flat becomes a calamity... I had two holes in my tire, presumably from running over some glass or something, but they would have been nothing if not for the state of my tire!  The second tube didn't stand a chance, lasted about 10km before it too went kaboom!
  • Cyclists are a nice bunch of people
  • Don't leave the phone where your wife can't hear it if you expect her to answer it... oops... but she eventually answered and picked me up (thanks honey)

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