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Monday, August 15, 2011

Race Preview: Mine over Matter

Mine over Matter is like an X-terra event, minus the brand name.  Off-road triathlon - swim, mountain bike, trail run.  It takes place at the Kelso Conservation Area in Milton, Ontario.

Check out this awesome video of the 2010 race... this is a must-do!!!

I was hoping to get out there at least once to check it out, but it hasn't really come together, so I'm going in a bit blind.  All I know is that there are some very long climbs on the bike course (goes up a ski hill) and it's two loops... I don't imagine the rest of it is flat either.  Should be a good challenge.

I haven't had my "swimming mojo" this year, so I am doing the duathlon (trail run - mountain bike - trail run).  I did a mock duathlon in training this weekend of similar distances just to get a feel for the transitions, it went well.  Seems that I can go pretty hard on the first run without hurting my bike and second run excessively, so that will be the plan.

Can't wait!

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Double Bellybuster said...

Good luck.

I see you have the Ajax Half listed as a tentative race now. Good stuff. I am registered and have a similar PB (1:39:08) to beat so I will see you out there if you do the race.