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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Marathon Training for the Easily Distracted

Between now and the NYC marathon, I have:
  • Off-road duathlon (trail run + mountain bike)
  • Adventure race (canoe + mountain bike + trail run)
  • 1/2 marathon
  • Cyclocross race
  • 5k
Yes, I know, I lack focus... but hey, I'm in this all first and foremost to be healthy and have fun!  All of these will be fun, so here we are.

My training plan for NYC has thus far been 3 runs per week (LSD, Tempo, Recovery) and 2 bikes (Tempo/Hammerfest/Hills and LSD).  Once I get through the last bike events, this will become 4 runs per week before I taper off for the marathon.

 It's not exactly what marathon training plans call for, but the biking fitness does carry over somewhat into the running.  Having those long 4+ hour bike efforts under your belt when you line up for a marathon helps!  There is also the intensity you can achieve on a bike without nearly as much injury risk as running intensity.

Hopefully it all works out and I coast to a new marathon PB!


John C said...

hey jonny -- which 5k are you doing? I have a crazy idea that I'd like to do something fast this year -- like a 5 or 10k.

Jon P said...

Oshawa 5k on the Runway! ... I'm guessing it's pretty flat! :)

Double Bellybuster said...

Jono - there is a book called 'Mastering the Marathon' that may be a good read with your NYC approach. A large section of it addresses tackling a marathon (and enabling a PB) with three training runs per week plus cross-training.


Jon P said...

Thanks, will check it out!

Shazam said...

Did NYC last year - was such an awesome experience. My advise just enjoy the adventure -take a disposable camera - you will not beleive the crowds - take pictures and just soak up the atmosphere. You will have a great run time no matter what so capture every moment. I was never alone on the course- not once and when I say alone I mean at least 100 peeps around me at all times.