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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ride Report: Tour de Greenbelt (Newmarket)

I participated in the Tour de Greenbelt for the second year in a row.

Click here for my 2008 report.

Great work, Meghan!

I did this ride with one of my daughters again this year which was fantastic. The bonding time I get from biking with them is tremendous, and seeing her so excited about cycling and being part of an event like this really excites me. Exercise and cycling is just a part of our lives, I hope it's a part of their as adults someday too.

You can kind-of see our equipment laying at our feet... basically it's my hybrid and a trail-behind bike for Meghan, with its own handlebars and pedals. It's very cool! And she doesn't just coast, she pedals her heart out... a big help getting up hills!

The Ride

This year they've added longer options - 50k and 100k - to the 25k ride from last year. We did the 25k, but this time they attracted a more serious crowd with the longer distances. I could see myself doing the 100k in future years on my own.

My only complaint - the route. It wasn't the best of the Greenbelt by any stretch, and included some very busy roads. At one point we even took to the sidewalk... I just didn't feel comfortable in the traffic with my daughter.

The best thing was the start/finish at the Farmer's Market in Newmarket. Fantastic! The theme of the ride was fresh produce from the Greenbelt, and being able to buy a bunch of stuff after the ride was excellent. We stocked up on local strawberries, raspberries, broccoli, eggplant (despite Meghan's disagreement), brussle spouts... all right off the farm. Nice.

A great time for both my daughter and I!


Boris T said...

Good to see you two had fun. I might have try this one next year.

runwuf said...

This sounds like a cool ride! I need to get a bike like yours so I can take my kids to this one.