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Monday, September 28, 2009

Ontario Trail & Ultra Races

Trail Race Calendars

A friend of mine sent me these two main calendars for trail/ultra races:
  1. Ontario Ultra Series/Ontario Trail Series - This is geared toward the Ultra crowd (>42.2km) but there are other shorter distances at most of the events.
  2. 5 Peaks Ontario - A series of five trail races, typically featuring "Sport" (around 5K) and "Enduro" (around 12K) options.

There are other one-off events here and there, I've mostly found out about them on Running forums. The Running Mania site has a great Ultra/Trail section, most upcoming races are discussed there.

If anyone has any other sources of information, please let me know!


Boris T said...

The ultra series seems like a fun thing to try, in a self-hate kind of way.

I use and My Next Race as search tools.

runwuf said...

Two more links for you.

Now that I've completed 5peaks enduro, I am thinking about putting these two on my to-do list!

Jon P said...

Boris - thanks, looks pretty useful for upcoming events!

Felix - that ENDURrun looks pretty cool... ultra events are so funny, though, the cap of 80 people total? :)

runwuf said...
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runwuf said...

Hey, if you want to see how 5peaks is like, sign up to this site and check out the free race videis:

I am probably in all 3 vidoes - Rattlesnake, AlbionHills and Horseshoe. Cause this camera guy, who is an actual racer passed me in middle of every race!