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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ironman Recovery - 2 weeks after Race Day

So it's been almost two weeks since Ironman.

End of Season Plans

Tri season is over for me for 2009, so my training focus is shifting to running.

I have a 25k trail race coming up in mid-October. I'll sign up for another running race or two, 1/2 marathon or shorter, just to keep the competitive juices flowing.

My road/tri bike is parked for the season, I'll bring it indoors for trainer workouts, and use my Gary Fisher hybrid instead as cross-training. Mostly on-road stuff (gravel!), but also some mountain biking, should be fun.

Rest in December, then start up again in January for the 2010 season...

Ironman + 1 week

Monday - rest (day after race)
Tuesday - 10 minute lake swim
Wednesday - rest
Thursday - 15 minute lake swim, 20 minute walk
Friday, Saturday, Sunday - rest, rest, rest!!!

I mostly felt OK, muscles felt good after two days. I was at a cottage on vacation, so just took it easy, did some very light and easy swimming just because the beach was right there, but nothing I would call a work-out. Walked a bit to wake up the legs a little.

Drank a lot of wine... B.C. interior = wine country!!! Mmm.

Ironman + 2 weeks

Monday - 16k bike
Tuesday, Wednesday - rest, rest
Thursday - 30 minute swim (in pool)
Friday - rest
Saturday - 5k run
Sunday - 1.5h mountain bike (planned)

The bike and swim early in the week were a bit miserable, muscles felt great, but fatigue was almost instant. Clearly not recovered.

Saturday's run went better than expected. I took it pretty easy, but the legs felt good, no pain, and I felt a bit more like my usual self in terms of energy. Tried a few trail sections, that went well (and the soft surface was what the doctor ordered!)

Sunday's mountain bike is just for fun, going out with a buddy. Plan is to take it easy, test the legs a little, but nothing serious.

Ironman + 3 weeks (planned)
  • Two short runs (5k, 10k)
  • Short bike (30-40k), maybe two
  • Swim when it sounds like fun, skip it when it doesn't
Focus: gradual and safe return to running. If anything feels wrong, I'll back off and use the bike instead.

You've Lost That Athletic Feeeeeling

Overall, I feel like I'm being lazy - I am used to working out 6 days a week and putting in hours and hours on the bike. But rest and recovery are job 1...

I've gained around 5 pounds since Ironman, mostly because of all the recovery reward food (and drink!) and the lack of calories being burned... I'll have to take that more seriously and make sure I get my diet more in line with the reduced training load.

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