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Sunday, September 6, 2009

The end... and the beginning

The journey is complete - I am an Ironman.

What's next?

It is going to be hard to top this year - ever. It was an incredible journey, and the experience of doing Ironman was so over-the-top amazing.

That said, there is a lot that still excites me, in triathlon and in other endurance disciplines.

  • I've registered for my first trail race in October, the 25k Vulture Bait
  • I'll do the Paris to Ancaster bike race in the spring for the 5th year straight
  • A few friends and I are planning a team for the Moraine Adventure Relay - a 160k run/bike/paddle across the rural and wilderness land above Toronto
  • My main goal for 2010 will be the Muskoka Ironman 70.3, and I will participate in some shorter triathlons (Olympics/Sprints)
  • Ironman - I will go back someday, likely when the kids are older
  • Main goal: a spring or fall full marathon, depending on how training goes in winter

The Blog

Yes, I will keep blah-blah-blah'ing... I want to keep a record of what I've done as I've already found it entertaining to go back and read (and sometimes learn from old experiences!). I hope others have found it entertaining and informative too.


Boris T said...

Jono again congrats on the Ironman!

I think I'll be joining you for the 70.3 Muskoka next year. But way you should try the Ultraman 3day event?

Jon P said...

Ultraman... umm... NO THANKS! Ironman was hard enough.

K.N. Senko said...

Lol, i thought you said "NO MORE IRONMAN!" Good luck, and i enjoy your yacking, it keeps me inspired.

Jon P said...

"No more Ironman... for now!" :)