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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Running Mont-Royal in Montreal

I went to Montreal Monday for a quick vacation, and ended up with about 3 hours to kill before I met my friends. A perfect window for a run!

I found a 10K route that went up Mont-Royal... the highest point is 794 feet, the lowest 43 feet.

A 750 feet climb is a lot more than my usual "big climb" of around 100 feet! So this was a big challenge for me. The first 5K is steadily uphill to the peak, followed by a steep downhill, then just when you're getting comfortable it hits you with a steep 1K climb before the final downhill to the finish.

I sure earned the short break I took to enjoy the view at the top!!!

The way up hurt my Achilles. I suspect this is due to the foot angle when climbing, it's like the toes are coming up toward the shin.

The way down hurt my knees and shins. Your no longer pushing to go faster, instead you're fighting against going faster than your feet can move!

All in all, it was a really good run for me. I wasn't pushing that hard, but finished in about an hour anyway. I paced myself well up the mountain, and had enough left for a kick to the end. And what a beautiful city!


Guillaume D said...

Nice! I love this run, especially in the dead of winter, when only the real runners are around. It's hard to take it slow on the way down, after such a climbing rush. My shins just don't take a lot of that kind of downward thumping. I'll be thinking of working up to an ironman every time I go up from now on. Thank you for that.

Jon P said...

Funny that you commented now - this post was originally from 2008 before I did Ironman (2009) - this year I am returning to your wonderful province for Ironman Mont Tremblant to mark the 5th anniversary! And what trip to Quebec would be complete without a stop in the amazing city of Montreal (hands down the best city to visit in the country). Magnifique!