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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Preview: Bill Harper Run (5K)

Race web site

I don't actually know that much about this race, other than:

1) It's only $10
2) It's on the beautiful Toronto Islands
3) They have a kid's race that looks like fun for my two girls

I'm participating as part of a team (the "Running Daemons"), so our combined times will ranked against the other teams. We were trying to get four guys who could run sub-25:00 and try for the podium, but that didn't work out... so there's two of us, and two who probably won't.

The course is going to be flat, since everything on the islands is flat.

My last (and only!) 5K was the Resolution Run in January. It was snowing, there were a few inches of slush, and it was a hillier course... my time was 23:04, but I found out later they didn't measure the course properly and it was only 4.8K. Argh!

I'm hoping for a sub-4:45/km pace, which would be about a 23:30 finishing time. Or better! :)

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