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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Race Report: Bill Harper Run (5K)

I can't say enough about this event!


- 5K timed run (not chip timed though)
- Free lunch (Subway subs) and drinks (water, pop, etc)
- Free T-shirt
- Prizes - gobs of them! This run is affiliated with 52 division of the Toronto Police force, and man, they're great at soliciting companies to donate prizes! I ended up with a DVD for my kids and a $100 gift certificate for a Toronto restaurant!!!

All for $10!

Amazing value. And if that's not enough, there's a short kids run... every kid got a medal!

The Race

The course is on Center Island, which is basically dead flat. It's a beautiful setting along recreational paths on the island.

I started out fast... maybe faster than I should have. But I was feeling good, the sun was shining, it was a great day to be alive! :) For the first 1K anyway.

I clocked in at 4:19 for my first kilometer, way ahead of where I needed to be. But thing were still clicking, so I didn't slow up. The second kilometer was almost identical, 4:19.

About the halfway point I started to remember why I hate running 5K... it's just so fast and so intense, I find I suffer a lot more than in the longer distances. My pace dropped off to closer to my predictions, 4:34 and 4:40, before kicking out a 4:33 out to finish it up.

Final time: 22:26.50 - a personal best for 5K!

(That was by my watch, they seemed to have hosed some of the timing and reported my time higher than it was)

I'm absolutely delighted... I was musing about 23:30 before the race, so coming in a minute under is just gravy.

The Running Daemons!

My friend who told me about this great event rounded up a team of 4 guys to participate as a team! They add up your 5K scores, fastest wins.

We were hoping for a podium finish...

Imagine our surprise when WE WON! I'm not entirely sure how that happened, none of us were podium finishers in our age groups, but I guess having us run 22-minute range, two in the 23-minute range, and one guy in the 28-minute range was good enough to get it done!

Moral of the story: enter small enough races and you can actually win something!!! :)

Fantastic event, I'll almost certainly do it again.

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