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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Preview: Northern Orillia Triathlon

This Sunday I will be participating in my second triathlon, the Orillia Sprint Tri.

Swim: 750m swim
Bike: 33K
Run: 7K

The Goal
The main goal here is to get experience with swimming in a race. In my first race the swim was only 400m, and I did it without a wetsuit. This time I'm going almost twice as far, and with a wetsuit. It adds a whole new dimension to the swim and to the transition.

Once I emerge from the water and manage to transition to the bike, my goal will shift into just enjoying the ride and run, pushing with whatever I have left! They're short distances so I should be able to pound them out pretty fast, assuming the 20 minutes of swimming hasn't totally drained me.

The Race
I have never done this race before, but browsing past results tells me to expect over 500 competitors! That's a much larger group than the 150 or so I competed with in my first triathlon in June. This will also be my first time racing in the Subaru Triathlon Series. I get the impression the level of competition is a little bit higher in this series, I've seen a few of their events on TV (TSN) and there are some top notch names.

Expected Results

It's pretty unpredictable for me, there are a lot of question marks. I don't know much about the bike/run course, I don't know how the swim will go, so I'm kind of firing in the dark here!

Swim: About 20:00 in the pool... wetsuit should help, lake hinders, so ???
Transition 1: No idea... hopefully fast!!!
Bike: 1:06:00 (30km/h) the course map <--- looks hilly
Transition 2: Fast... dump bike, change shoes
Run: 35:00 (5:00/km)

Should be fun!

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