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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Running in the Rain

Running in rain when it's +20C or more = refreshing!

Running in rain when it's +10C = mildly uncomfortable...

Running in rain when it's +2C = naaaaasty...

It wasn't intentional, I ran to the rec center where my swimming lessons are in the dry. But when I got out, it was pouring.

The worst was that my light running jacket got soaked, then it stuck to my skin. This allowed the cold to get right through to my arms. I think if I had a layer underneath - even a light one - it wouldn't have been as bad.

On the bright side, I had thin socks, so they didn't soak up water like some crappy sports socks can. Feet were fine.

Probably good experience, just a matter of time before I line up for a race in a downpour.


triman said...

Hey way to go stickin it out in the rain, My wife and I just started to train for our first half Ironman in June and our run last night cosisted of 0-1 degree with freezing rain/sleet and on our second lap of our loop the wind picked up and pelted our faces pretty good, soaking wet and frozen we kept on going to complete our 7.5 km fartleck with 6x 30 second speed session with tempo pace in between. running in this stuff will build great character and push you to achive your ultimate Goal Ironman!

Jon P said...

Good stuff! :)

I got some new advice from some folks (mostly from Vancouver I think) on layers for dealing with rain, but sounds like #1 is a water-proof jacket.