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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Race Report: Peterborough Half Marathon

2007 time: 2:07
Goal: 1:54 or less
Actual time: 1:53:55

Cut it a little fine... :)

Weather: near perfect. Around 0. A little windy, but nothing dramatic.

First half of the race felt great, went well. I found a group that was maintaining a very steady 5:20/km and stuck with them for the first 10K or so. That put me in really good shape.

Then at the halfway mark I accidentally reset my watch! Enter the darkness - I had no idea whether I was on pace or not. The 1:55 pace bunny passed me, I thought I was slower than 1:55... I tried desperately to keep up with him to no avail. Turns out he finished ahead of me, his time must have been 1:53 or faster! Grumble! He had me pushing faster than I needed to be, which shouldn't have made a huge difference, but didn't help any.

At 12K I began to suffer... I was in full bonk mode from 15K on, maybe even sooner. I just had nothing, I was desperately trying to hit my 5:24's but it was hit and miss. Some kilometers were right on, some were over 5:40. By the end I was totally sapped for energy and pace, I almost passed out... I just had nothing left in the tank.

I need to figure out why I bonked. Could be I didn't get enough calories during the race, had some problems getting the Gatorade into my mouth. :) Silly cups. Could have used gels, might have helped.

All in all, a pretty good outing... something to build and learn from, and a goal achieved. :)


triman said...

Hey congrats on your awesome time, its great you got the time you wanted and more, and my wife also would like to say congrats to a job well done.

Jon P said...

Thanks triman! :) I appreciate your posts and your advice.