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Friday, February 15, 2008

Peterborough 1/2 marathon - 1 week to go!

I keep forgetting what I decide for my target pace, so I'll put it here to keep me honest and help me remember.

If the weather is good and the surface is bare:

Pace: 5:24/km
Finishing time: 1:54 or less

Last year's time (after only about 4 months of running): 2:07

According to the McMillan Running Calculator :

... running a 1/2 marathon at 5:24 is "equivalent performance" to a 4:00 marathon. Since this is my target time for my May marathon, it makes sense to ensure I can perform at this level. It is also consistent with my 5K performance.

I'm comfortable with the distance, I ran a 24K last week. But 5:24 seems really fast for 2 hours of running! I've done that pace over 10K without too much trouble, but never for anything longer than that.

Comments appreciated as always! :)

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