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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sinking lessons

So swimming is really not my thing...

The good:

I bought goggles, that helped a lot... my eyes are one less thing to pay attention to! I was able to do the breathing drills a little more easily at the start.

The bad:

I was kicking and kicking and not moving very fast... I managed to get the hang of it a bit by pointing my toes (like a bad ballerina) but then my feet started cramping up! More practice required.

And by the end, my breathing was back to gasping and spitting out water, not to mention water up my nose... I can still smell the chlorine!

The ugly:

The older gentleman next to me lost his trunks on the way out of the pool. Fortunately, he didn't get out of the water before realizing it, stopping, and yanking them up!

More practice coming up! And tightly tied trunks! :)

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