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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Peterborough Half Marathon - 2008

I've signed up for the Peterborough half marathon again this year.

It's in February... last year it was around freezing and clear, quite pleasant, but it could just as easily be -20c, you never know until the week of the race. Flat and fast, I don't think there's a hill on the entire run. Not very scenic, but well organized and works out where with where my fitness will be in Feb.

2007 time: 2:07
2008 target: sub-1:55

2007 was my first half marathon and my first year of running... so it wasn't too terrible, but I ran out of gas at about 3/4 distance... I really didn't prepare enough.

2008 will be different! I'm mentally prepared to do it right, and physically I'm in much better running shape.

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