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Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Durham Hilly Hundred - 100km of hilly cycling pain and pleasure

What it Is

A 100km cycling route that features as many hills as could be found in Durham.

Where to Park

Captain Michael Vandenbos or All Saints High School in Whitby - both on Country Lane North of Rossland.

The Route

Here it is on Strava:

And my first crack at it:

Or gmap-pedometer:

Route Description

Most of the time you're either going up or down, so I won't highlight every slope... but here are some of the key hills.

4km - short steep little hill, wake up the legs
10.5-12.5 - Ashburn hill.  First test.
20-23.5 - Coates rollers.  Big rollers.
25 - not a hill but careful on Simcoe and Shirley Road - best to do when not too busy (avoid rush hour)
30-32 - Purple Hill.  Big.  Higest point of the ride.
36-38 - Blackstock Pain.  A couple very steep hills, 13-14% at times!  Leg burners
39-41 - Long climb, not terribly steep
43-44.5 - Long, steep climb
48 - short steep climb
54.5 - steep climb, medium length, but by now your legs are feeling it, right?
56.5 - another climb, not quite as steep
61 - long climb, not terribly steep
68-71 - rollers - going west they're not that bad (try east sometime)
74-77 - Howden rollers - paaaain.  Steep, up and down
79.5 - Up high again - short climb, but nice view at the top
81 - steep short hill!
96 - one last steep one... VERY steep.  Short.  But STEEP.

Enough?  I hope so!  Enjoy!

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