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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Mountain Biking at Buckwallow (Gravenhurst, Ontario)

Great day!

Buckwallow has a little of everything.  All the singletrack is rated 1-5, with 5 being "you are batshit crazy"... and as the picture below shows, I was tempted and bit off more than I could chew.

$10 to get in - it's a private trail so completely reasonable.  I was there Thanksgiving weekend, Sunday at 8am, there were only two other guys in the forest when I arrived.

The guy who runs the place was there to show me the map and give me some suggestions.  Awesome!

His favourite is "Missing Link", and he said the crowd favourite is "Still Here".  Loved both and for entirely different reasons.

Missing Link uses the natural terrain, like the exposed rock as banking... it was wonderful.  Rooty near the end, but just very much in tune with the forest.

Still Here is the exact opposite - it's like a roller coaster, hard packed twisty speedy fun.

The two trails really sum up the place - everything is different and something for everyone.  I checked out pretty much everything, which lead to this unfortunate incident...

I'm not a "rock guy" - just not used to riding over rock.  I came up to a pretty significant rock drop, locked up to stop, then as I fell over slowly couldn't unclip from my pedal... roooookie stuff.  Shin bashed against the rock, lucky not to break it!  Oh well.

Other than that I spent over 2 hours there and loved it, lots of fun, lots of challenges, lots of beautiful terrain... fall colours....... wonderful.

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