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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Race Report: MEC 10k

This is one of the new Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) races, the 6th of their Toronto series.  There was a 21.1k, 10k and 5k.

Most compelling feature of these races: the price.  $15!

For that I got a race kit (in a pretty nice reusable bag), chip timing and some course support.  Not bad.

On the negative side, there was no Gatorade at the aide stations, the 10km was actually 9.5km, and the course markings were pretty confusing.  Also because they're doing it on the cheap, they use trails rather than roads, and they are entirely open to the public - so some competition for space.

Still, at that price, it's hard to complain too much (although I want to complain enough that they fix the course measurement - I always find that irritating!!!).

My Race

I had no expectations at all for this one, my running has taken a backseat to other pursuits, and I'm far from my lightest weight.  Really I just wanted to keep it at my tempo pace (around 4:30/km) and push more if I could.

I pretty much did that, although a stiff headwind on the way back kept me from my 4:30/km pace.  The course was about 500m short, though, so my time is deceiving... looks like I did pretty darn good!  I didn't, just hung in there.

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