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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Where The Singletrack is At - Glen Major and Walkers Woods

First off - the map.  Use their map as the official version.

Next, my maps!  I've labeled the best singletrack (in my opinion of course) with little polka dots on top of the trails.

Walkers Woods

This area has probably the least interesting singletrack of the Durham Forest properties on the whole, but then it's got one of the best sections so it kind of redeems itself.

Click to Enlarge!

The section north of post 12 used to be called "Snakes & Ladders"... before my time, it used to have ladders.  Now it just snakes.  Very flowy, somewhat technical and fun.  I find it best in the direction my arrows indicate, but you can do it either way.

The rest isn't very technical, but is mostly fast and fun.

Glen Major

Several of the sections on this map are fun, but my favourite is the stuff at the north.

Find post 21, go south and hang your first left.  Then go south for awhile - eventually you'll come to an intersection and on your very leftmost there should be a "Singletrack" sign.  The fun begins!

If you pop out again at 21, that's OK - just go back in and stay left, you can do the more challenging lower section down to post 20.

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From post 19 to 18 used to be a lot of fun - there's still nice banking, but the jumps aren't what they once were, and it's been pretty sandy lately (this changes depending on season).  Still cool.

Durham Forest

The best bang for one's singletrack buck is Durham Forest, but once you've done those a million times there's still a lot to explore.

Here's Mike Sweet's Durham Forest map with all the singletrack shown.

I love the Burnt Toast / Bowe's / Bowes II combination - you are on singletrack for a long time, uninterrupted!  The Maze is cool, and Maple Gravy / The Pines are classic taken together.  Superflly Alley is challenging, but more fun if taken West to East (ie. from the radio tower side).  The other way sucks.  And I love climbing Tower Hill, then coming down on the far west side - there's a cool valley descent that's a hoot.

Have Fun!

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