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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ironman Mont Tremblant 2014

I'm registered.  Yikes!

I have always wanted to go back to Ironman - my experience in 2009 was just incredible.

It's a huge commitment, though, of both time and money.  There were other things I wanted to focus on, especially off-road (mountain biking, adventure racing, etc!).

But I've been growing listless without a firm goal, so what better motivator than Ironman?  And it will be the 5 year anniversary of my first one - figure I can do it every 5 years until I'm dead!

The Plan

I don't have one yet, just a few ideas.

Swim - sharper focus on technique, less on laps.  The swim won't make or break my day, I just want to do it smooth and without incident.  In 2009 my swim was slow but comfortable, with pretty terrible technique.  A bit of work here should speed things up.

Bike - miles and intensity.  Last time I did the miles, but not enough intensity.  I've trained better in recent years, putting in both the miles and interval/hill training when I've had something to target.

Run - more mileage and intensity.  Last time I was probably too conservative on mileage, and didn't do any tempo/speedwork.  My most recent marathon training had two speed sessions a week (one intervals, one tempo) - I will incorporate more of this in my Ironman training.  Obviously I will be nowhere close to tempo pace on race day, but intensity seems to help a lot in every aspect of my running.

I'll get more specific later... for now I'm just mulling it all over!  Can't wait.

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