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Monday, August 6, 2012

2012 Goals - Mid-year Navel-Gazing

This has been a pretty disappointing year so far.  I started off injured, lost a family member, and have had more than my share of illness - all of which has me off my peak fitness.

The two highlights were both team events.  First I took part in the TREAD 6 Hour Relay, which was both a lot of fun and a solid effort.  Second was sharing the win at the Moraine Adventure Relay - we really did a great job, and I held my own contributing to our team's win.  So I'm proud of that one, we really put it all together in our 3rd crack at it and had a great time doing it.

But then there were the failures... early on, the lack of training due to injury had me stinking it up at the local 10k and Paris to Ancaster.  By summer I felt my conditioning was back (although my weight was still a problem), but I had trouble at the XC Mansfield Marathon and yesterday I DNF'd the Muskoka Grind.

So reviewing my goals this year:

Weight into the 160s

I am nowhere with this one- still over 180, which isn't "overweight" but it isn't 160's either.  There are reasons this has been tough, but ultimately no excuse - I just need to do it.

Sub-20 5k

I haven't even had time to think about this one, let alone do it!  Just struggling to get myself ready for all of the off-road multisport stuff I have on the agenda.  My hill training should carry over into a 5k, I will give this more focus in the fall.

Rock Out Some Off-road Races

I have done a lot more mountain biking this year than previous years, but haven't been able to put it together in a race.  Our team did great at the Moraine Adventure Relay (shared the win!) and I contributed to that, and I did have that great trail run relay early on... but since then it's been pretty disastrous.  I really need to rebound, so all my focus is on Logs Rocks & Steel.

Looking Ahead...

I think there's still time to do all of this, but I need to focus and hopefully there are no more distractions or obstructions!  And even if there are I need to be more like 2009 me and just push through them.  No excuses.


Jennifer P said...

The DNF sucks, but that sounds like a brutal race. Funny the things we push ourselves through - I hope you're feeling better soon.

There's still a good number of races out there, especially around here. Lots of trail runs, century rides and even a dirty duathlon. I'm even considering cyclocross, which scares the pants off me. But I would have a reason to get a new bike, which makes it worthwhile, right?

Double Bellybuster said...

Don't sweat it dude. I never know know in the summer if I'm just sucking or sucking because of the heat and because of accumulated fatigue from training in the heat. Things will surely get better in the fall, you'll just need to compete in some winter events!

Jon P said...

maybe I'll take up snowshoeing

Double Bellybuster said...

Or just run around a track 171 times consecutively like the whack-jobs. Being messed up like that is the new cool.

Double Bellybuster said...

Or just run around a track 171 times consecutively like the whack-jobs. Being messed up like that is the new cool.

Jon P said...

haha, you enjoy that!