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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Three Days, Three Rides

Back-to-back-to-back rides - surprisingly it went very well!

Day 1: 105km road.  Averaged just over 30km/h which for me over that distance solo is pretty brisk, especially on the route I did (a fair number of climbs).

Day 2: 1h45 mountain bike.  Pretty hard effort, felt a bit bagged at times but mostly OK

Day 3:  2h+ mountain bike.  Started with save route as previous day, trying to beat my time and managed to do it.  I was pretty sore at first, but after the first few minutes it subsided and I felt really decent.  By the end I was a bit bagged again, but I felt worlds better than I expected!  Took a different route back to the car through the forest (and got lost) thus the longer duration.

In total about 7.5h in the saddle in 3 days.  I made sure I recovered well and replenished with carbs immediately after each ride.  I probably over-ate if anything, but lots of fruits and healthy stuff so didn't feel toooo bad about it!

I don't have anything all that long planned but may pencil in a late-August century ride just to use some of this endurance.


Jennifer P said...

Great rides! Hoping to really get some distance over the next few weeks. What century are you planning on doing?

Jon P said...

Thanks... I'm thinking of the Ride 4 United Way that starts in Oshawa/Bowmanville. I did it last year as a 200km (rode 40km to the start then did the 160) - it was good, albeit pretty tough (hills!)

Jon P said...

(I've also done the Ride for Karen which is a lot of fun... might consider Centurions as well?)