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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Olympics for People Like Me (Triathlete/Cyclist/Runners)

The full schedule is here, and the Canadian TV schedule is here.  This is all the endurance cycling, running and swimming.  None of that sprinting nonsense or goofy sports that don't involve timing!

What am I most interested in?

Mountain biking, especially the women (go local hero Emily Batty!).  Triathlon... go Simon Whitfield!  And the men's road cycling will have the best cyclists in the world going head to head, hope to see if Cavendish can pull off the home gold and the time-trial should be dynamite.  

July 28

Cycling - Road race - Men (4am, TSN)
Swimming - Men's 400m Freestyle (2:30pm, CTV)

July 29

Cycling - Road race - Women (7am, TSN)

August 1

Cycling - Time-Trial - Men & Women (7:30am-11, Sportsnet)

August 3

Track - 10,000m - Women

August 4

Triathlon - Women (4am, CTV)
Track - 10,000m - Men
Swimming - 1500m Freestyle

August 5

Marathon - Women (6am, CTV)

August 7

Triathlon - Men (6:30am, TSN)

August 9

Swimming - Marathon (open water) - Women

August 10

Swimming - Marathon (open water) - Men (7am, Sportsnet)
Track - 5,000m - Women

August 11

Cycling - Mountain Bike - Women (7:30am, CTV)
Track - 5,000m - Men

August 12

Cycling - Mountain Bike - Men (8:30am, TSN)
Marathon - Men (6am, TSN)


Boris T said...

I am looking forward to the same things as you but also weightlifting and especially track and field! T&F is my favorite thing about the Olympics.

Jon P said...

I like track - hold the field! :)

Boris T said...

What not a field fan? But that's the best part! Javelin, Discus, Hammer Throw and Shot Put oh my!

Jon P said...

Javelin would be more exciting if they had to hit something, say, another competitor! ;)

Jon P said...

(kind of like dodgeball)

Jon P said...

IN all seriousness - we have that Dylan Armstrong guy on shot put that is a medal contender, so I will watch most likely!

Boris T said...

Lol I like your idea for javelin. I am guessing it's the last man standing wins?

Also I too am cheering for Armstrong, quite a fitting lastname for a guy who throws a heavy metal weight around.