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Monday, February 27, 2012

Toronto Triathlon Festival

The on-again off-again race in Toronto is on again!  The original plan had been for an Ironman 5i50 event, but instead they are teaming up with Triathlon Canada and the ITU to put on a world class event in Toronto.

Oh, and none other than Simon Whitfield, in his last race before the London Olympics.

I wasn't planning to do any on-road triathlons this year, but I just changed my mind - this is too good to pass up.  Love the city, can't wait to bike on the Don Valley Parkway in a real race, should be a hoot!

BTW, that picture has got to be Photoshopped, Toronto doesn't usually look that nice! 


Boris T said...

I am gunna have to do this one myself. Can't pass up an opportunity like this.

Jon P said...

Are you back to running?? Or still huge? :)

Ririnette said...

I just signed up for this!! Can't wait! :-) Good luck to you!