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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I ran 5k

October 2011:  I'm disappointed with running 5km in 20:05.
November 2011:  NYC marathon - 42.2km

February 2012:  I'm delighted with running 5km... in about 30 minutes.  With a walk break.

Why so happy?  It's my first pain-free run since November, and it feels great to be back running after being plagued by injury since then.  I managed another 5km yesterday as well at a faster pace, closer to tempo, felt really good.

I'm trying to be conservative, as I'm not only coming back from injury but I've changed the way I run in the process.  See my post about hip flexors and rotation.  My glutes (butt muscles) are working much harder than before, I can feel it as I run, and the next day.  It's going to take time to train them to be up to the job, but hopefully the end result is a faster and healthier runner.

Where I'm not going to be conservative is on the bike, as my focus is now on getting myself ready for Paris to Ancaster.  I haven't been off the bike as long as I've been off running, and I still have 2 months, so I'm hopeful I can do enough to have an OK race.

2012 should be a wild one.

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