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Monday, November 21, 2011

Top Posts From This Blog

I'm a bit surprised at just how many hits my little old blog gets... over 36,000 since inception.  

Top blog posts from this blog (based on traffic):

  1. How to build a Wood Bike Rack (1,852 views)
  2. Calories Burned per Stair while Stairclimbing (1,107 views)
  3. Did Lance Armstrong Dope?  (857 views)
  4. Homemade Energy Gel (802 views)
  5. Ironman Tattoo (775 views)
Kind of a funny mix of topics, no real connection between them other than they probably do well as Google search terms!

I try my best to make the blog interesting to people who stumble on it.  I know most people don't really care about how many miles I ran on any given week or what I had for dinner, so I try to speak more generally in the hopes someone learn something from either what I did right - or (more often) wrong!

It also serves as a bit of a diary for myself, so I can keep fresh the memory of various events and experiences.  

See, now I'm just being narcissistic again... very easy trap to fall into in a blog post, enjoying hearing the sound of your own voice.  I'll shut up now.

1 comment:

Double Bellybuster said...

No way dude. Your Ironman race recap is the best post. Nothing against your Bike Rack Carpentry!