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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Knee pain = Mileage drop-off

I'm still having some knee trouble...

Runs since marathon 3 weeks ago: 2
Mileage since marathon: 4.5km


It was bothering me while biking at first, but that has subsided.  I was out for 2.5 hours yesterday without much trouble from the knee (a whisper at the end, but other than that OK).

I should get it looked at... but since it's been going in the right directly (ie. getting better) I have put that off.  I'm reasonably confident that my tight hamstrings are still at the root of the problem, so I'm working on that a lot.  At this point it's the end of the season so I can afford to be a bit patient with it.


Double Bellybuster said...

Best of luck Jono. This sounds an awful lot like my NYC experience last year.

You may want to get in the queue for a doctor just in case. A year ago for me post-NYC the critical path to get back at it when my knee didn't recover included waiting on GP visit, X-rays, X-rays result reading by GP, taking time off while taking antiinflammatories, chiropodist appointment, orthotics manufacturing and a sports doc appointment.

Just mentioning it as the queues can be long if something is needed. In my case I didn't get back running until February due in part to my inaction and it took into the summer to get my conditioning back to where it was.

But you are right - loose hamstrings are always good. Strong glutes and hips will help take pressure off the knee too.

Good luck.

Jon P said...

Took your advice and booked an appointment with a sports doc. It still hurts, can't run more than about 1.5km without pain.