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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hello Off-Season

Post-Marathon Blues

With the NYC marathon in the books, I'm officially in "off-season" mode.

My knee is still out of commission after the damage I did during the marathon... I pushed through the pain for over 10km, which did some pretty good damage.  It's getting better every day, but it will be a few days before I can bike or run.

6 days so far without any biking or running... I'm going insane.  It's such a big part of my life, it feels weird to not be doing it.  I'm going to go for a swim today just to get myself feeling active again.

Looking Ahead

Next weekend there is a 10 miler in Whitby, if I can get in a run or two next week I might do it.  I won't be racing it by any stretch, but as long as I'm not hobbling I might go for it... or go mountain biking instead!  Probably the latter.

The rest of November and December are going to be goofing around months. No training goals, just keeping active doing whatever feels fun.  I'll keep up a 15km long run every couple weeks, do some mountain biking, trail running, whatever I feel like!


So much to look forward to, I can hardly contain my excitement!  Paris to Ancaster, Whitby 1/2, Moraine Adventure Relay, then Adventure Racing in July/August/September, maybe another off-road duathlon/X-terra... who knows!

I still have to get my sub-20 5k and my sub-1:35 1/2, those are two goals I didn't manage to achieve this year. Other than that, it's mostly going to be an off-road kind of year.


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