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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Canoe for Dummies

Still basking in the glow of our reasonably successful attack on the Moraine Adventure Relay, I have been roped into yet another adventure race.

This one is Logs, Rocks and Steel.

We'll be doing the shorter of the two options - the Pine Crest Course.

  • 4km paddle 
  • 22km mountain bike
  • 5km trail run
All to be completed in its entirety by both members of our team of two.  No problem... except for that pesky paddle!

Caution: Newbie on the Lake!

I took advantage of a week spent at a cottage and the canoe I had available to me to do some preliminary training.  It took some getting used to, especially keeping the bloody thing pointing in the right direction!  But once I figured out which way to lean and what side of the boat to stroke on, it all came together.

I managed an average speed of 6km/h over my trip around the lake, which I think is pretty OK for a single person in a canoe.  I don't know quite how it would translate with two people - is it double the power, double the speed?  Being a canoe newbie I can't say for sure... but looking at results from last year, I think we can be in the ballpark of the middle of the pack without too much trouble, then make things up on the bike and run.

Things I learned:
  • Life jacket wasn't just bulky but also caused me to sweat a lot 
  • Reaching for water bottles is impossible without stopping paddling, so a camelback will be more of a necessity than it is on the bike
  • Leaning helps when the boat is swinging on you in the wind/current
Verdict: I enjoyed my time on the water, and can't wait to train more for this!

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