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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Race Preview: Peterborough Sprint Triathlon

The Race

Peterborough Triathlon.  Two main options are the half Iron distance and the Sprint.

This race is part of the Subaru Triathlon Series in Ontario.

Sprint?  Why not the Half Iron?

I have been neglecting triathlon.

I went to the pool for the first time in 4 months the other day.  My aero bars are collecting dust on the shelf.  I've just been having too much fun doing off-road stuff, and when you're having fun getting healthy it's best to keep doing what you're doing!

I have a off-road triathlon coming up in August, so I need to get back into swimming and remember how the whole transition thing goes.  So this race is about getting sharp and back into that triathlon mindset.  Swim, transition, bike, transition, run.  Got it!

This Race...

Honestly, I don't really like it that much... although they've changed the course since I last did it (2009), it's still in the searing July heat!  Not much they can do about that.  I'll report back on the new bike course, but the map looks pretty ... straight.

My Goal

Not suck too bad at the swim (always a challenge for me!), have reasonable transitions, hammer the bike and smoke the run!  Oh and don't melt.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jono, Bike is the same as it has been for at least last 5 years. A few rollers, but pretty fast. Can get congested though. Good luck!

Jon P said...

Hmm, OK... I did the 1/2 in 2009 and it went out to Pontypool, so I guess it was jut the long course that changed? Hoping for some big climbs, I love climbing! :)