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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Preview: Peterborough 1/2 Marathon 2010

The Race

Out and back, country roads, flat, windy... sometimes wintery. Great pre and post race facilities at the YMCA and generally well run, but the course is nothing to write home about.

Me and Peterborough

I first did this race in 2007... it was my first-ever 1/2 marathon, and I was absolutely fried by the end of it! I remember thinking "how does anyone run twice this distance!?" and writing off ever doing a full marathon...

Returning now in 2010, with an Ironman and full marathon under my belt, my confidence is quite a bit higher!

2007- 2:07:06
2008- 1:53:55
2009- 1:49:17
2010 - ???

My Plan

My last 1/2 marathon, I aimed for 1:45 (5:00/km) and came up short... 1:47:43.

I'm about 10 pounds lighter now, though, which if you believe my previous blog post should be worth more than 4 minutes. But the weather won't be as favourable, and the last course I ran was net downhill...

Bottom line: 1:45 is possible, but not probable.

So I'll pace to a slower finish and pick it up throughout the race if I feel it's there.

First 1/3 - 5:05/km pace
Second 1/3 - 5:00/km pace
Third 1/3 - 4:55/km pace???

If I'm not feeling it, I'll back off, enjoy the scenery, and try it all again at the Whitby 1/2 marathon in May.


cdnhollywood said...

Sounds like fun - I am a bit jealous! And your sub-2hr expectation is nothing to sneeze at!

Boris T said...

Good luck man, good luck on getting close to 1:45.