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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Gatorade - Dude, where's my Scoop!?

I've been a loyal Gatorade customer for years. It's yummy, has lots of carbs, and enough salt/potassium to get the job done for all but the hottest days.

At Ironman, I drank liters and liters of the stuff... it was my main source of calories on race day. It burned my mouth by the end, but I never strayed, gulping down two cups of their wonderful sugar water at each aid station right to the end...

Yay, Gatorade!

So imagine my dismay when I opened their new, improved, can of Gatorade powder.

I went to mix it. One scoop Gatorade, 500mL water. Easy!

But wait... where's the scoop?

There must be some mistake, Gatorade powder comes with a scoop! I search, no scoop.

Confused, I look at the can. "2 ROUNDED TEASPOONS"!??? What is THAT!? How "rounded" is rounded? Big pile, little pile? And where's my damn scoop?

I rush to the garage and rifle through my blue bin. Hurray, an "original" Gatorade container, and there it is - my scoop! I wash it, stroke it gently, and measure. Oh, the sweet accuracy of the scoop, how I almost missed thee!

I feel sorry for new Gatorade customers, trying to guess their way through life... but I am whole again.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you warned me! My last can of old fashioned gatoraid is almost empty. Now I know to save the scoop!

Boris T said...

They got rid of the scoop?!?!

Crap, I hope I have an empty container somewhere in the house with a scoop inside.

Unknown said...

can we complain?? drats...what will I do?? :(