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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Preview: Vulture Bait Trail Race (25k)

Vulture Bait features a 50k and 25k option. I'm doing the shorter one this year as my first trail race. Ideally, I'd be doing something closer to 10k for my first, but at this time of year there aren't many options for that!

I've been told this course is easier than most trail races, so a good place to cut one's teeth. Of course, what's "easy" to seasoned trail runners could still be quite difficult to a novice like myself!

The aid stations are 5k apart, which at my trail pace will be over 1/2 hour. That's not enough fluid for me, so I'm going to bring a water bottle with me on the course to supplement the aid stations.

Goal: finish with a smile on my face! I'll push if I have something left, but mostly I'll just learn, take it all in, and pace it to finish.


Turbo Photographs said...

I just started trail running this year. You will LOVE it! Good call on bringing a hand held. If you're a gel person you may want to bring your own gel, too.

Good luck! I will look forward to your race report.

runwuf said...

I think this would be a nice one to start with, a longer 25k would probably be more enjoyable than those intensive shorter races. Good luck!

Jon P said...

Thanks Beth, I've done a few runs in training and I've thoroughly enjoyed it.

Felix - Yeah, you're probably right... as you know, I'm all about going long, then going longer! Short isn't really my strength.

Boris T said...

Good luck!

There is the 8k Maddog scramble here in Toronto at the end of the month. Sunnybrook park by the XSNRG runners.