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Monday, October 12, 2009

Sniff. I'm snuffed up.

I'm sick. And I have a race in 5 days.

Last week was a near write-off. I managed to get in a spin on my indoor trainer and one 10k run, but it was awful. I rested through the weekend, then tried a 10k run today which was just as bad... my heart rate shot up at even the slightest attempt at increasing my pace.

Not good!

Plan for this week: Rest. I'll try a short run on Wednesday or Thursday if things feel OK, otherwise I'm going into this race on Saturday cold. Not ideal, but I was going to run it as more or less an LSD anyway.

And 3 weeks from now is the race I really want to rock... the Hamilton 1/2 marathon. This is a good chance to really improve my 1/2 marathon time. I've done three 1/2 marathons before this, but it was always the YMCA one in Peterborough in February. Not ideal conditions and never in peak shape, so should be lots of room to improve there!


Boris T said...

I feel for you, had the same problem leading into the STWM a couple of weeks ago. Did not end pretty, hope you heal quick up and best of luck on the trails.

Kieran said...

ColdFX. They have a doseage recommendation if you've already got a cold, it seems like you take the entire bottle over the course of 3 days. But - I've resorted to that a couple of times and it definately cleared me up quickly!

Jon P said...

@Boris - well you did the right thing cutting it short, good luck this weekend at Goodlife!

@Kieran - snake oil!!! :)

runwuf said...

Getting better? hope you'll be 100% for vulture bait this Saturday.

Jon P said...

Getting better, not 100%... but there's at least a hope now!