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Saturday, July 25, 2009

2100 calories, no solid food

Ride Distance: 160k (100 miles)

Expected Time:
6-7 hours

Fueling goal: 300 calories per hour (to match my Ironman target)

Target Calories: 1800-2100

Total Calories Burned: 4000+

Food Plan:
4 Gatorade bottles @130 each = 520kCal
5 oz gel flask @110/oz = 550kCal
6 oz gel flask @110/oz = 660kCal
Banana = 70kCal (ok, it's solid, I admit it!)
eLoad package + extra Gatorade power = 330kCal
Water bottle = 0 kCal
Nuun tablets = 0 kCal

Total = 2100-ish

I'll stop for water, but other than that I'm all set! The Nuuns will compliment the gels with some missing electrolytes.

This really is a test of how I'll feel with a liquid and gel diet for an entire day... in theory, it should be more easily tolerated in a stressed GI tract, but reality and theory have a way of diverging on me at the wrong moment.

It took me less time than anticipated, just over 6 hours.

I ended up having about 10 ounces of gel, and 5 bottles of Gatorade, one eLoad. Pretty close to my goals. Everything sat well, except for the eLoad... I don't know if it was because it was at the end of the ride or something in it, but my stomach didn't like it as much.

I have my Ironman nutrition plan: 300 calories of Gatorade and gel.

Solids are overrated.


E said...

Do you plan to do the same on the run for IMC?

Jon P said...

That's the plan... I've never had much luck with solids and running, too much jiggling around.