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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Preview: Around the Bay 30K


The first year this race was run, making it the oldest road race in North America, even older than the Boston Marathon.


The number of participants


The number of kilometers around the Hamilton Harbour


The number of times I've signed up for this race before this year


The number of times I've run this race before this year... I got injured last time in the weeks leading up to it. :(

I'm super excited about this race... between the tremendous history and the huge number of participants it promises to be a really exciting day. Not to mention the fact that the finish line is inside Copps Coliseum!

The course itself is known for having a tough finish, with a series of challenging hills in the last 10K of the race. Pacing will be key, I'm going to try to save myself for a strong finish like I did in Peterborough last weekend.

The first ever race in 1894... fascinating stuff!

And 2005...

1 comment:

Boris T said...

A slight difference in the 100 plus years. Say are we still required to wear the old school shoes Tom Longboat wore?