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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Potato Power

Here's a video of Dr. Allen Lim making boiled potatoes for the professional cycling team Garmin-Chipotle.

Potato benefits:
  • 1 potato = about 100 calories, almost entirely carbs
  • Source of potassium
  • Cheap
Add a little salt and bang - the perfect food for the endurance athlete.

A 20 pound bag of potatoes has around 8000 calories and costs less than $10... around $0.10-0.15 per 100 calories. Compare that to $1.50 or more for a typical gel, and I think potato power is the way to go!

Bon appetite!


I tried the potatoes this weekend - they were fantastic!

I also tried sweet potatoes, that didn't go as well... too mushy. But the small red potatoes hit the spot, especially with a generous sprinkling of salt. It didn't even bug me that they were cold, and like he says, with the moisture they go down easy.

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Shazam said...

Hmmm potatoes - I remember when we were doing Stormy - an Ultra trail race and the girls were like boiled potatoes and salt you will love them - me I hate potatoes, but that day those were the tastiest little morsels I had ever had!