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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Back to the 9-5 grind

I've been off work for a few weeks, which has been great for training (but not so good for the bank account!). I start a new contract on Monday, so back to juggling work, training and family commitments.

A typical work week for me looks like this:

Monday: Off (or easy swim)
Tuesday: Bike (short, evening)
Wednesday: Run (long, morning)
Thursday: Swim (lesson, evening)
Friday: Off or Easy Bike or Run or Swim (optional, or rest, morning)
Saturday/Sunday: Bike (long), Swim (sort of long), Run (short)

Things move around a lot depending on other commitments, how I'm feeling, the weather, etc.

But basically:
  • 1 long bike, run, and swim every week
  • 1 other bike, run and swim every week
  • Other workouts as time/recovery permit
I try to get things done in the morning so I'm still home with the kids in the evening! I hope to shift my evening bike ride to the morning once the light permits it.

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