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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Bikes bikes bikes

Went to the Toronto bike show yesterday.

Carbon everywhere! I wasn't in the market for a new bike, but it sure makes you drool... my friend was looking at a really sweet KHS bike that is going to make me green with envy.

The aluminum Cervelos were all priced to clear... time trial/triathlon bikes for $999, pretty sweet. Aluminum, though, I guess it's gone out of favour to the point that old stock has to be sold off cheap. Nice components... almost tempting, but I need to understand more about them before I go for it.

... and I think my wife might start getting pissed if I come home with a new bike every year... she already thinks 2 is enough!

My current bikes:
  • Hybrid: Gary Fisher Utopia - This was my first bike that wasn't from Canadian Tire or Sport Chek... changed my life! It's a hybrid, so it doesn't do anything really well, but it does everything well enough. I use it mountain biking (trail riding, not stump-jumping), on gravel roads, rail trails... anything that's too much for the road bike.
  • Road: Trek 1200 - It's an entry-level Trek, aluminum frame with carbon fork. I bought it last year when I was still just trying out the road biking thing. Solid bike, I love it, but it won't be my last...
The coming years will likely see me investing in a triathlon bike, and possibly replacing my hybrid with a mountain bike... but we'll see!

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Monica Castello said...

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