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Monday, November 8, 2021

Zwift: Completing All The Routes - Update #3


I've made a lot of progress on the Elevation front especially!  I actually had one done (Muir and the Mountain) that I hadn't checked off - so free Route completion!

Hit the "Road to Sky" Route as part of an event the other day and lucky me... I unlocked the Meilensteins!

These are the lightest wheels in Zwift, and you have to "win" them at the top of Alpe du Zwift.  For some people it takes 20+ times, for me... 2!  Lucky ducky.

Makuri Islands

They have 8 straight days of Makuri Islands and an entirely new area to explore... so I'm expecting the number of routes to also go up!

Just when I thought he was close... 

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