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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Zwift: Completing All The Routes

It's that time of year in Canada, where the sun sets earlier and earlier and the dreaded Indoor Trainer comes back into one's life.

... except with Zwift, I no longer dread it.

It's ... fun. 

Last year I started a quest to complete all the Route Badges.

While I was away, Zwift introduced a new world... Makuri Islands, and with it 12 new routes!

What Makuri Islands would look like if I had a better Zwift PC

I dutifully added them to my master spreadsheet.  I've completed 48 of 92 routes, representing 49.5% of all the distance - but only 26.85% of the total Elevation (climbing!).

Lots to do, still, should be a tough winter.

I'm especially nervous about "The PRL Full" in the London world.  173km and probably 6-7h on the trainer sounds like a special kind of hell, really need to find a group ride or something... The Mega Pretzel was plenty hard enough, thanks!

Will keep the blog updated with some of my experience as I go.

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