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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Fasting Update

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Dinner Time!

I've been fasting for 2 weeks now.
My longest was 26 hours, but I also did 24, 20, 19, 18, 17, 16... I've been trying to just fit it in with my life, which isn't always that easy!

Brain Fog

I'm having some difficulty with fasts that go through the work day.  If I break the fast at lunch I'm good, but the afternoon gets my brain going a little squirrely.  I don't know how to describe it exactly - I'm not exhausted, just feel "off" in the head.

Feels like my best bet is actually 24h fasts that go lunch to lunch. But then I miss the family dinner "ceremony" so I'm still figuring this out.


I've been trying to keep on the exercise, and mostly that's been great!  I've been doing my running/biking at a moderate pace if it's later into a fast, but if it's near the start I use it as a way to deplete glycogen sooner. 

It's a complete mindset shift - when you're a runner/cyclist, you're always told to eat to train, then get home and eat to recover.

I've been most surprised by the cycling.  It's crazy to me that I can go for 2, 2.5h on the bike without bonking.  Just have to watch the intensity - when I'm actually training for something, I will have to figure that part out.  Presumably I'll do my cycling during the non-fasted state and consume stuff on the bike.

Weight Loss

So far... nothing.
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Me Enjoying my Feasting Period
Now I have to assume that the "Insulin Resistance" problem takes more than a couple weeks to resolve. But I need to eat better - in the eating windows I've been feasting like Friar Tuck.

I also haven't been very good at reducing refined carbs, one of Dr. Jason Fung's pillars of health and lowering insulin levels.

"Reduce intake of refined grains and sugars, moderate protein consumption, and increase natural fats"

... sounds good, but I whip up some guacamole (natural fats!) and then eat it with... chips (refined grain).  Because it's delicious that way.  Dr Fung suggests condiments mostly (olive oil, butter, etc) - but they have to go on something.   Dairy fat is the one that's easy (mmm cheese!), I guess I can feast on nuts and avocados a bit... I should really google some high fat recipes.

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