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Friday, September 7, 2018

Fasting and Endurance Sports - Part 2

Velonews Fast Talk episode 23


They talk about "periodization" of nutrition, and a lot about "low carb" states!

The long and short of it - in non-competition phases when your intensity isn't as high, there are times you'd want to train in a low/no-carb state.

"Not throwing carbohydrates in massive quantities at every training session" ... which he says is the "old advice".  I think it's also the advice every manufacturer of sports drinks and gels wants you to take!

In the "Build" phase - his suggestion is to have a high intensity session in the evening, recover with high fat / low carb, sleep, then wake up the next morning and do a lower intensity session in a low-carb state.

He also stresses the need for carbs for intensity - this stands to reason.

"How often should you be training with low carbohydrates?"

No more than 2 times a week, in the "Build" phase.

Etc!  It's a great listen.


He doesn't address fasting specifically, and his focus is on getting the best cycling results, not losing weight.

I haven't been "racing" and I'm certainly not an "elite athlete" so my focus right now is on weight loss, not on training adaptations.

Glad to hear though that while I'm meeting my weight loss goals, I'm not totally out to lunch on the endurance training side.  Low/no carb states aren't incompatible with training.  It will just be a question of finding the right balance.

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