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Monday, September 25, 2017

Mountain Biking Crash

My colourful bicep.

Knees bloody.  Right hand was puffy and super painful at night...

Dumb accident - clipped a little sapling with my handlebar at the end of a long ride.  Sent me straight off the trail into a log/tree/bushes - no chance to stop (or even slow down).

Not sure what hit where, I just went over and everything kind of hit stuff at once.  Found myself and my bike entangled in branches and stuff.


Worst crash I've had in a lonnnnng time.  Maybe ever.  I fell earlier this year and bruised my ribs quite badly, but it was just on the trail, straight fall... this one was way freakier.

The bright side - I didn't hurt anything so bad that I can't run.  My hands hurt quite a bit but should be back to biking in the next day or two.

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