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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Off The Hooch

This is a great article - I think it describes a lot of folks (including me).

Many of us think we are moderate drinkers because we aren't alcoholics, and we are under control of our alcohol consumption.  A couple a night, a little extra on the weekend...

... and before you know it you have boxes and boxes of empties in your garage, and you're trying to figure out who drank all that stuff???

It adds up.

Alcohol is bad for you.  The health benefits are extolled in a handful of studies, and those ones get trumpeted in the headlines because it's a message we all want to hear.  But any trivial benefits are more than offset by harm in other ways... especially as moderate drinking turns to more-than-moderate.

I've increasingly found alcohol just makes my life worse.  That great feeling after a beer fades to feeling lethargic and down an hour later.  When I over-indulge that feeling lasts for a day after, sometimes even more.

Not everyone has that problem, but I do.

So it's time.

I've taken a month off before and felt great while doing it.

This time, 6 months.  Once it's out of my life I can decide whether to bring it back, and if so how to limit myself to less-than-moderate.

Sorry, alcohol.  It's for the best.  See you in 2018, maybe.

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