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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Polar Heart Rate Strap vs Garmin

Garmin Troubles.  Again.

I was having trouble with my Garmin heart rate strap.  With my Garmin 910XT, my heart rate would randomly shoot up to 200bpm.  I could tell this was way wrong, partly because my heart rate never went that high before.  I confirmed it by checking with a finger on the neck, ~140bpm.

Tried a different Garmin strap (old hard plastic kind) - same result.
Tried a new battery - same result.

Polar to the Rescue!

Finally I read online that the Polar strap is actually better, and would work with the Garmin sensor!



Garmin and Polar, Together At Last!
Result - perfect, sweet, wonderful heart rate monitoring!

It would be great if my Garmin would just work, rather than needing hard resets and heart rate strap hacking!!!  Someday I will take my money where my mouth is and switch to another device, really sick of Garmin letting me down.

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