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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Years... Changes?

I don't like calling them "resolutions", but I guess that's kind of what they are.

Dry January

I'm going dry for January.  Alcohol has too many calories for what I need to do, and it also tends to lower my inhibitions/self-control over what I eat, and that leads to bad snacking.  I've done the odd alcohol prohibition before, and the impact on my weight tends to be significant (and relatively immediate).

Training Resumption

I've had some lingering illness that I can't kick, and as a result I was really bad with exercise.  Fatigue that I just can't shake... but I will push through it, need to push through it, and get back to action!  I won't make the mistake of starting too big, easing back into it.


So other than the alcohol thing I'm getting back to Intermittent Fasting, rather than what I have been doing (intermittently intermittent fasting).  I was doing 16:8 (16 hour fast, 8 hour eating window) but not sticking to it very consistently at all through the holidays... so fixing that.

Also monitoring calorie consumption.  I am a calorie counter but I'm trying to be a bit less dictatorial about it - loosely keeping track of high/low consumption in each of morning, afternoon and evening.

That's it for now!

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