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Thursday, February 4, 2016

+13C Feb 3... in Toronto? And Suddenly Thinking "Marathon".

It was +13C yesterday!  So I put on shorts and headed out for a "winter" run.

My current training plan calls for... well, nothing, I'm not following one.  "Winging it", "doing what feels good", etc.  Just having fun, which for me means going long once a week, hard the rest of the time.  Pain feels good!

So I ended up doing 25.5km yesterday, with some serious hills along the way.  It felt really great to be out.  Pace was fine, heart rate was a little high still, but starting to trend down.

It has me thinking of doing a full marathon in the spring.  I haven't ran a marathon since 2013 (not counting 2014's Ironman).  I'm on target so that transitioning to an appropriate training plan could work.  Weight is dropping.  It's tempting..!

3:39:24 was my 2013 marathon time (5:12/km).  I think I can beat that, with my weight dropping (low 180's and trending down).

Why not?

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